Thursday, June 12, 2014

Freaky Fab13 Alert: One Night in Scare-adise is tomorrow!

Hey Ghouls & Mansters, It is the night before Zombie prom! I am sure everyone is running around like a werewolf on full moon Friday but we have to remember this is a very special night to howl & growl for the student bodies of Monster High. So here is your official Poster if you can't be there and a ticket to always cherish the night in scare-adise. Have fun Mansters & Ghouls and stay safe! Happy prom!

So tomorrow night have a frightastic time, and remember to go off the fang with our fave ghouls & mansters as we celebrate our prom and your special moments this year both in and out of Monster High. Have a special moment from this year share it with us here.

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