Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monster High Catacombs Hits Shelves

Choke Hazard - Contains Small Parts
Creepy Cool Catacombs Set

Frankie Stein® has lost her spark! But her beast friends forever are rallying to give her a helping claw and get her recharged. Much of the action happens far below the howlways of Monster High® in the creepy cool catacombs - recreated with this play set. Three stories high and featuring multiple places for ghouls to fang out, the Monster High® Freaky Fusion™ Catacombs set has all kinds of uhhmazing options for play and display - plus some scary cool secrets as well! 

Top to Bottom Play and Display
Enter the Catacombs from the Monster High® courtyard at the top. Enjoy a snack at the cafe table. Give it a spin to reveal creepy cool effects on the pillars and in the party rooms: eyes peek through cracks and the chandelier rotates. When no one is lurking, take the gravestone elevator down one floor to the hybrid lounge or pass through the black gates and take the winding stairs - they go all the way to the bottom. Spin the dragon statue to uncover a doll clip that allows a ghoul to fang out on the balcony. 

Transformation and Surprise
Go down one more flight - take the stairs on either side - to hit bottom! The lowest floor features a party room with a secret passage that leads to the underground lab - place the clock hands on “1” and “3” to open the hidden door and gain entry. Fang out on the couch and work at the bench. When the experiment is done, head next door to relax - the pool flips to reveal an uhhmazing party scene. 

Monster Entertainment
With additional clips for Monster High® ghouls to fang out (dolls sold separately), it’s sure to be a monster mash-up! Collect other Monster High® dolls and accessories to expand the storytelling fun to horrific proportions. Play out favorite scenes from the Freaky Fusion story. It’s monster entertainment. 

What’s in the Box?
Catacombs set, two lab tables, lab chair, two dining chairs, two settee chairs, lab container, laptop, textbook, notebook, feather pen, two candelabras, one candle, two skeleton torches, one bowl, one mug, one magazine, tray of cupcakes, extra doll clips
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